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* This description "describes" what the music project actually "is," not what it "means." By avoiding the use of hand-holding hyperbole such as "exploring the...", "evokes a...", and "the typology of the sound palette is derived from...", Novoline creates a (im)balance between overstated artist bio grandstanding and empowering listeners to form ideas themselves, avoiding mental traps of impressionist preconceptions. This delicate tension is carried over into the next sentence whereby another obtuse juxtaposition is put forth to further (dis)associate his work with other artists he performs or collaborates with; most notably Oxes, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Andrea Belfi, Kaleodeskop Gallery, Cass McCombs, Notendo, Jason Urick, Lower Dens, Future Islands, and film director Lotfy Nathan as initial Editor, Music and Artistic Director for the feature film 12 O'Clock Boys, now in theatres™. In a closing argument he will establish his dedication to music, experimentation, and improvisation by listing respected international festivals at which he has performed across his 20+ year music career; he will seemingly subvert the rules of modern artist bio rhetoric by following them: three separate editions of UK's All Tomorrow's Parties, two editions of Whartscape, Club Transmediale '12, Michigan Fest, and Fusion Festival.